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Who may order?

Anyone may create an account and place an order. Pet Grocer does not ship or deliver products unless pre-arranged prior to placing your order, in which case shipping and/or delivery charges will apply. Products for sale on this site are intended to be picked up at our contact address in Alliston Ontario, Canada.

How do I order?

Pet Grocer is primarily an online self serve shopping site. We have designed the site to be as user friendly as possible. To learn about the time saving Quick Links and Search features, please read on.

Ordering Deadline

All orders must be placed by 8:00pm on Sunday. Orders will be available for pick up by 3:00pm the following Tuesday.

Your Online Shopping Session

There is no need to register for an account before shopping. You may begin shopping for all your pet supplies and groceries right away or simply browse our store. When you are ready to place your first order, we will ask you for a few bits of information to set up your account. ** We do not take your credit information** Pet Grocer respects your privacy, and your personal information is never shared with outside parties.

Once you're registered we recommend that you log in at the beginning of each shopping session. That way, if your shopping session is interrupted, the contents of your cart will be saved until your next visit.

Log In

You must log in to identify yourself by username (email address) and password, before you place an order. If you are logged in while you shop, your cart contents will be saved if for some reason your session is interrupted.

To log in, Click the Log In link on the header below the Pet Grocer logo.

Home  |  Log In

What if I forget my password to my account?

When you log in, below your log in information you will see "Forgot your password"? Click on the link and we will send you an email with a new password. Return to log in and once you are logged in with your new password you may change your password in "my account" to a more memorable password.

Select your Items for Purchase

Use the Category links in the left bar to shop for specific items.


Or use the Search feature to find a specific item.


Click on a category and the subcategories will appear in the main frame.


Click on each icon (picture) to view the products. Review the New Products in each department.

Items are listed in each subcategory 10 at a time.

At the top and bottom of each product listing is a total number of products and a 'Next' link to view the next pages in the list.

Displaying 1 to 10 (of 56 products)  1 2 3 4 5 ... [Next¬†>>]

We have included pertinent information such as ingredients plus provided a link to the main website for each product for further information. To view this, click on the product icon or product name. Some items require selections to be made -for example- color, weight or size selection. In these cases, when you click the Add to Cart button, you will be prompted to select your choices from a drop down menu.

When you are finished viewing the product information or making your selections, just close the window and you will return to your item or category.

Search Box and Lists

The Search box is located at the right sidebar so you can quickly locate exactly what you are looking for. Just type in the product, click the GO! button and select from the list of products displayed. You will be prompted for an advanced search if you prefer to search by alphabetical order. For example: search "dog food" GO! If you are looking for "lamb" click on the "L" in the drop down menu to search for products beginning with the letter "L".

Be general when describing the item. Use only the first 3 or 4 letters. Avoid using plurals - treat instead of treats-. Check your spelling.

You may also choose to search by manufacturer. Above the Search box you will see a drop down menu of manufacturer's that supply the products we carry. For instance if you are looking for a specific brand of food, check the drop down menu for the manufacturer to see if it is listed. All products we carry from a specific manufacturer will be listed.

Quick links sort items based on popular criteria, such as "Dog Grocery" or "Pet Health & Nutrition". The Quick Links are located at the top of the page in each box (with pictures) containing the main categories. Click on a box to scan through items found in any of these categories. For more categories or subcategories, please use the left sidebar in the "Categories" section.

Prices & Taxes

All products shown are subject to GST and PST. Taxes will be added at time of checkout and itemized on your final bill.

How do I change the quantity of a product?

For multiple quantities, type in the number of products you would like to purchase in quantity box.

Add to Cart:

Your shopping cart will automatically adjust your total to reflect the quantity of items you have selected. If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can remove items from your cart and/or amend quantities by checking the "remove" box in your shopping cart.

Items in your cart will appear in the right sidebar with a running subtotal.

What happens to my cart if I leave before checking out?

When you are logged in to your account, if you end your session or your session is expired, your items will be saved in your cart for the next time you log in. The next time you log in, you can pick up where you left off. This may be handy when planning your shopping list. You may keep adding items then simply click on "Go to checkout" before 8:00pm Sunday to place your order.

Checkout and Placing Orders

When you are ready to place your order, click on the "Go to Checkout" button in your shopping cart. If you would like to continue shopping click on the "Back to Shopping" button.

Continue through the checkout pages by clicking Continue. After you have made sure that everything is correct, click Confirm Order.

In a moment you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been received. If the email does not arrive in your Inbox within a few minutes, please check that the order was confirmed by logging into your account. If there are items in your cart the order was not placed. Please proceed to place your order.

How can I check on my order?

To find out the status of your order or to remember which items you ordered, simply log into your account and view your pending order or you may refer to the confirmation email sent when you placed your order. If your order data or confirmation email is missing, please log in and check the Cart Contents in the right side bar. If your cart contents are still showing, this means the order was not placed.

What happens if an item is on back order?

Our goal is to fulfill 100% of each customer's order. Occasionally an item may become unavailable or be placed on back order. If an item is discontinued you will be notified and have the option to replace the item with another or cancel the item for a refund. If the item is placed on back order you will be notified and have the option to replace the item with another, re-order the item the following week or cancel the item for a refund.

Can I return an item if I'm not satisfied?

If you are dissatisfied with an item you may return the item for exchange or refund. The item being returned must have all parts and packaging intact and be returned within 14 days of purchase. This applies to non-perishable items only.

If the item is perishable, in the rare event the product is spoiled, we will replace the product the following Tuesday.

We cannot allow returns on opened or perishable items.

Does Pet Grocer accept manufacturer coupons?

Not at this time.

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