Coastline Global - Check Up At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Cats

Coastline Global - Check Up At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Cats

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CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Cats is a great way to keep an eye on your cat’s health at home, recommended for aging and overweight cats. This kit is quick, simple and reliable, observing your cat’s general wellness through at-home urine testing. This test is great for detecting common illnesses like diabetes (glucose), kidney condition (protein), urinary tract infection (pH) and blood in the urine.

Coastline Global CheckUp At-Home Wellness Urine Test for Cats is non-invasive and stress-free for you and your cat. This kit comes with 2 pounds of easy-to-use patented hydrophobic sand that keeps urine on top of litter, never penetrating, making collection easy. This litter smells and feels like regular sand so your cat will continue to use without noticing. This “litter” has a natural non-toxic repellent coating and is 100% environmentally friendly. This package also comes with 2 identical testing strips, 1 sample collection vial and 1 sample collection pipettes. This kit will save you money on vet visits but should not be used to treat serious ongoing serious conditions. Recommended by top veterinarians and made in the USA.

  • Proactive way to keep up with your cat’s health
  • Recommend for aging or overweight cats
  • Quick, simple and reliable
  • Great for diabetes, kidney condition, urinary tract infection and blood in the urine
  • 2 pounds of hydrophobic sand, 2 identical testing strips, 1 sample collection vial and 1 sample collection pipette
  • Recommended by top vets


  1. Pour the litter in a clean and empty tray
  2. Allow your cat to urinate freely on the litter
  3. Collect the urine from the surface of the litter with the pipette
  4. Fill the vial at least 3/4 way using the pipette
  5. Simply dip the strip into the vial until all squares are submerged
  6. Quickly place the strip next to the results card and follow  instructions underneath the table
  7. If necessary, close the vial cap and keep in refrigerator
  8. If test shows any positive results, take the sample to your vet for further analysis

Reading the Results:

We recommend having a timer and a pen handy so you can circle the corresponding colour at exactly 30 or 60 seconds respectively.

  • Once you have dipped the testing strip into the vial of collected urine, immediately place it into the frame above.
  • After 30 seconds, read the first 3 results and circle the matching colours.
  • After waiting another 30 seconds (60 seconds since the dipping), read the 4th result and circle the matching colour.

As the colours on the testing strip will continuously change over time, it is important to evaluate the colours at exactly 30 and 60 seconds from the dipping. 

For optimal results, collect urine in the morning or 2 hours after a daytime meal.


  • Before pouring the hydrophobic litter, make sure the litter box is clean and empty.
  • It is extremely important to read the results according to the outlined time frames.
  • Please note that the colours on the diagnostic strip will continuously change.
  • Sample can be refrigerated for up to 48 hours before being taken for further evaluation.
  • CheckUp is a single-use product and should not be reused.

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