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We aim to bring greater health and wellness to your pet's life!

Pet Grocer is a boutique pet food store, specializing in fresh food and raw diets.

It's the grocery store your pets would pick!

We carry unique choices for your pet's food, including pre-made complete raw, raw components, fresh home cooked, dehydrated and freeze dried diets.

Our favourite thing is to help you find a fresh food diet that will work for you and your pet, to bring greater health and longevity to them.


The Holistic Health Food Store for Pets
Pet Grocer is proud to offer a different type of treat and toy selection for your pets than the norm, with a variety of uncommon protein sources, and carefully sourced supplements.

We are a local, independent Canadian pet food store, owned and run by local people in our community.
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giving back at pet grocer
Feeding Cats & Kittens at our Local Humane Society & Rescue Groups
We've partnered with Almo Nature to help donate nearly $8,000 of food to fill the shelves at the local ADHS. We also support OutRun Rescue with donations and gift cards in store. Get in touch today and help out.
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Man and healthy senior dog in front of mountain - nutrition consulting at Pet Grocer
custom diets
Nutritional Consulting
We offer custom nutrition solutions for your pet's special needs and health challenges - book a one-on-one consultation with a specialist today.
Balanced Recipes: Let us help you balance your home cooked or raw diet, or evaluate formulations for your pets or clients.
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