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Custom Pet Diets

Does your dog have itchy skin or ears, is a picky eater, doesn’t seem to want to eat anymore, digestive upset, vomiting routinely, or soft stools that never seem to go away? Have they been diagnosed with allergies or intolerances, metabolic diseases, crystals in the urine? Does your dog seem to be surviving instead of thriving? Missing patches of fur, infections in skin folds or paws, biting or licking at their feet and body?

Many of these issues and more can be addressed through a careful consideration of the nutrition and lifestyle we provide to our pets.

Our nutritional consultation is a detailed and fully engaging delve into the foods, treats and lifestyle surrounding your dog. Holistic healing takes a whole body approach to finding wellness within your pet. The body is an amazing healer – when you help it with the support it needs to do that healing work.

Book a one hour, private nutritional and lifestyle consultation to help your pet today.

Looking for balanced recipe help instead? We can evaluate your home prepared cooked or raw diet, or prepare a custom, balanced diet for your dog. Let us know in the form below how we can help.

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