An Interview with Caren Dougal from North of 9 Bodywork

Dog with headphones is listening to the Get fresh with Jenn podcast interviewing Caren Dougal of North of 9 Bodywork

We were excited to get an interview with Caren Dougal, owner of North of 9 Equine & Canine Bodywork, for our podcast. She and Jenn sat down and delved into the energetic and physiological effects of Bodywork on our pets. 

A bit about Caren.

Caren grew up around farms and horses. Her passion surrounds helping animals to thrive instead of just survive. A philosophy that Pet Grocer has built our business around as well! Her team works with many modalities with cats and dogs, including – Kinesiology Taping, Whole Energy Body Balancing, Bowen & Craniosacral bodywork techniques.

Caren’s goal is to always empower owners to learn and be actively involved in the wellness plans for their animals. She includes healthcare team collaboration with holistic & conventional vets, nutritionists, dentists, trainers, and other bodywork modalities to help support challenging rehabilitation cases, athletic performance, and those in need of finding comfort & balance in their lives.

Caren is a registered veterinary technician who had decades of experience working in vet clinics. Her team offers a unique blend of holistic and scientifically backed bodywork modalities to their clients.

This podcast is full of great stuff.

  • Learn what Bodywork actually is and how the team at North of 9 uses it to enhance pet health.
  • Learn how Caren found her way to the quantum side of holistic healing via Bodywork.
  • Caren shares how she uses energy and facia work in her healing modalities and shares some of her experiences working with challenging cases.
  • Hear about healing success stories and what type of cases North of 9 sees the most. 
  • Caren shares how Bodywork can work in conjunction with western medicine.
  • Hear Caren & Jenn discuss how healthy foods and environment support healing.
  • Learn what people can do at home to help their pets in regards to bodywork. 

Listen to our North of 9 Podcast here: