An Interview with RDBK's In House Vet, Dr. Jules

 A dog wearing headphones listens to the Podcast, Get Fresh With Jenn at Pet Grocer. An Interview with Red Dog Blue Kat's Dr. Jules

This month is about all things Red Dog Blue Kat, because there are so many wonderful things to share about this company we couldn’t possibly do it in one post, blog, or podcast. A few weeks ago Pet Grocer™ owner, Jenn Newark, got to sit down with RDBK’s in house Veterinarian, Dr. Julianne Mantler (aka - Dr. Jules).

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great questions we asked Dr. Jules:

  1. You’ve had a life of adventure with animals with travel and schooling across the globe. How did you end up in Australia and what was your time there like both in vet school and in practice? Is it remarkably different from BC?
  2. How did you get your start in the fresh food world? Was it prior to vet school or after?
  3. How were you influenced at school in regards to nutrition? Inna and I have previously discussed chemical science when balancing pet diets vs food science. I’m curious to see your perspective of how your training may have opened you to new ways of viewing food, both from a food science and chemical perspective.
  4. What constitutes ‘holistic’ varies from person to person. What does holistic veterinary work look like to you?
  5. The world of nutrition (for both pet and humans) is highly charged with emotionally powerful beliefs. The same is true when it comes to holistic vet care vs western medicine or our common day vet care. You’ve taken on two really challenging stances – fresh food and holistic wellness – amid a field of peers that typically do not embrace either. What has that journey done to you as a person? Has it been a hardship; have you become stronger? How do you hold on to your beliefs when many around you question them?
  6. At Pet Grocer™ we think RDBK is probably one of the best pre-made raw pet foods available in the world today; you have really gone above and beyond many other manufacturers. What is your role with the team at RDBK?
  7. Feeding a 'balanced diet' is a big topic in the fresh feeding world. Tell us about your feeding philosophy and recommendations for pet parents. How do you feed your own pets?
  8. What simple diet tips can we give to people who may be new to fresh foods? What are your top tips to introducing fresh foods?
Curious to know the answers? Tune into to the full podcast HERE
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