Festive Jellied Meats

During the holidays finding ways to treat your pet can be fun for the whole family. With the abundance of delicious foods gathering in our kitchen this time of year why not try something new and get creative.  Pet Grocer customer, Lucy, and her mum have some tasty and simple recipes that you can easily make at home.  These festive Jellied Meats will have your pets doing a happy dance.
This Jellied Meats recipe uses many ingredients you may already have at home, like fresh or roasted veggies and meats, and pairs them with a very simple broth that has lots of collagen in it. When cooled that collagen rich broth creates a natural (and nutritious) jelly.
Shopping List:
- Iron Will Basics (or pet appropriate shredded meat leftovers of your choice)
- Fresh, cooked, or roasted pet safe Veggies
Kitchen Supply:
- Water
- Pot large enough for broth ingredients
- Box grater (optional)
- Kitchen knife for chopping
- Silicone cups or muffin tray


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