Making Welly Chef at Home

Welly Chef is an amazing product that allows anyone to easily make properly complete & balanced homemade dog food with fresh meats, fish, and eggs from the grocery store. This innovative product not only allows for you to provide fresh made foods for your dog; it also allows you to control the recipe - especially important for dogs with allergies, sensitivities, or health concerns. 

Some key points to know:

  • Make homemade dog foods that exceed AAFCO guidelines
  • Easy To Follow Recipes 

When making up your batch of Welly Chef we have simple cheat sheet of instructions for you to prepare it Raw, Oven-Baked, or Pan Cooked.

Pet Grocer Welly Chef Preparation Guide - Download a printable version HERE

Do you enjoy following along with the chef?

Pet Grocer Super Fan, Lucy Pepita, made an instructional video on the three easy ways to make Welly Chef AFFCO Balanced Meals. 

Join Lucy in the kitchen while cooking up raw, oven baked, and stove-top Welly Chef & Ground Beef. 

 Skip ahead to these topics:

  • 0:00    Welcome & Introduction to Welly Chef
  • 2:20    What you will need - Kitchen items to gather
  • 2:55    Measuring & rehydrating welly dry mix
  • 4:27    Sourcing & adding the protein
  • 6:04    Consistency of the mix
  • 6:58    Feeding it raw
  • 7:36    Oven Baking
  • 10:28  Oven Temperature & Timing
  • 11:26  Stovetop Cooking Method 
  • 13:45  Portioning Up Your Welly Meals
  • 15:50  Feeding guidelines
  • 17:23  Prepping for storage (portion recap)
  • 18:40  Purchase & Instruction links at

Shopping List for this recipe (find them at

Kitchen Supply:

  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Food Scale
  • Scoop or dry measuring cup
  • Liquid measuring cup
  • Mixing Spoon and/or spatula
  • Frying Pan (if cooking on stovetop)
  • Baking dish or muffin tray (if baking in oven)
  • Containers for portioning & storing finished meals

Pet Grocer Welly Chef Feeding Guide 

*This feeding chart is an estimate only! Please monitor your dog’s body condition – if they start to gain too much then reduce the amount you feed. If they start to look skinnier than they should, then increase the amount you feed. Each body is an individual with different metabolism, and will need different amounts of calories to maintain a healthy weight.

**This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. Always consult a qualified veterinarian if you have questions about your pet**