Revolutionizing Pet Health: Taking a look at Using Kidney Chek Test Strips

Revolutionizing Pet Health: Taking a look at Using Kidney Chek Test Strips

In the vast landscape of medical innovations, there are those whose potential is immense, yet they struggle to find their way to the market. Hillary Sweet, a visionary entrepreneur and biomedical engineer, is changing that narrative. With a background steeped in science, business acumen, and a passion for improving lives, Hillary co-founded SN Biomedical Inc. Their latest breakthrough? Kidney Chek, a groundbreaking diagnostic tool poised to transform pet healthcare.

Hillary's journey began at Queen's University in Ontario, where her academic pursuits paved the way for PhD studies in biomedical engineering at the University of Alberta. Her studies weren't just about mastering scientific concepts; they were about understanding the intersection of science, business, and people management. This unique blend of skills positioned her perfectly to tackle complex challenges in the medical field.

Kidney Chek, a diagnostic tool for pets, is a game-changer. Imagine having the power to detect kidney disease in your pet before symptoms even arise! Or if your pet has symptoms of kidney challenges and you want to know right away if there is an issue. This was precisely the experience of Pet Grocer store owner, Jenn Newark, who, thanks to Kidney Chek, was able to proactively monitor her dog's health when she suddenly began showing possible signs of kidney concerns.

How did Hillary and her team arrive at this groundbreaking innovation? It was a five-year journey fueled by relentless research and a deep understanding of the market's needs. Meeting during their graduate studies, Hillary and her co-founder embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between academia and commercialization. They delved into the world of pet healthcare, engaging with pet owners, veterinarians, and industry experts to identify critical unmet needs.

But how does Kidney Chek work, and why is it so vital? The answer lies in understanding kidney disease and its prevalence in pets. With one in three cats and one in ten dogs affected by kidney disease in their lifetime, early detection is paramount.

Risk factors of chronic kidney disease

Kidney Chek detects elevated urea levels, a key indicator of kidney dysfunction, enabling pet owners to intervene before the disease progresses. And it does this affordably, retailing for around $20.00, Kidney Chek is an economical way to routinely check a pet’s kidney health. Many pet owners may put off routine screening as blood panels, while necessary and informative, are often an expensive option. At home tests like Kidney Chek makes it affordable to check as needed, saving the cost of blood testing for when more detailed information is required.

Signs of kidney disease

Routine screening can be a life saving tool for all pets, with high-risk categories including certain breeds, older pets, and those on medications that may impact kidney function. Early detection can mean the difference between timely intervention and irreversible damage.

Preventing kidney disease

Using Kidney Chek is a breeze. Similar to a hot tub test strip, it requires a simple saliva sample from your pet.. Within minutes, the test provides clear results, empowering pet owners with valuable insights into their pet's kidney health.

So, what do these results mean? A green zone indicates normal kidney health, while a yellow zone suggests the need for retesting and closer monitoring. If your pet falls into the red zone, prompt veterinary attention is advised to explore further diagnostic options.

Why early detection matters
Why early detection matters


In a world where innovation often remains confined to the laboratory, individuals like Hillary Sweet are breaking barriers and bringing transformative solutions to the forefront. With Kidney Chek, the future of pet healthcare looks brighter than ever.


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