Slippery Elm - What is it and What is it Good For?

Slippery Elm at Pet Grocer

Slippery Elm is a deciduous tree found in eastern North America. First Nations have used the inner bark for centuries as a remedy for digestive upset, coughs and more. It gets harvested in the spring and you can use it internally and topically. It has a sweet taste and is usually found in powder form.

Who/What is it good for? It may be helpful with the following:
✅ Slippery elm secretes a gooey substance called mucilage. Mucilage creates a protective film to relieve mucous membrane irritation
✅ Acts as a mild laxative to help with bowel movements
✅ Helps to soften and soothe skin
✅ It can dry and tighten skin cells and tissue
✅ Ulcers
✅ Colitis
✅ Gastritis
✅ Irritable bowel syndrome
✅ Crohn’s disease
✅ Urinary tract (It’s most often recommended for unexplained inflammation in the bladder. In fact, bladder and urinary tract infections are sometimes inflammation, rather than bacteria.)
✅ Helps to nourish the body. It’s packed with nutrients like vitamins A, B complex, C, K, calcium, magnesium and sodium
✅ Helps to reduce redness, swelling and pain
✅ Can help relieve acute diarrhea
✅ Soothes upper respiratory passages
✅ Bronchitis
✅ Coughing
✅ Transitioning from kibble to raw

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Slippery Elm may slow down the absorption of certain minerals and pharmaceuticals. Best if given an hour before or after other herbs or medications.

*Always consult with a qualified holistic veterinarian prior to using.