The Ultimate List for Camping with Your Dog


*Updated for Summer 2024*

Preparing to go camping (or hiking) with your dog is simple when you have the right necessities on hand. 

At Pet Grocer we've created a list of our favourite items to make enjoying the great outdoors simple. From fresh feeding options to bug control...we've got you and your four legged friends covered.

1. Shelf stable foods to feed fresh on the road

Don't have access to a fridge or freezer? No worries! There are so many great options for feeding fresh on the road. 

Freeze Dry Products

Air Dried & Gently Baked Products


Cold Sterilized, Shelf Stable Raw (refrigerate after opening)

2. Repel Biting Bugs

Keeping biting bugs at bay is a must when enjoying the outdoors. Replace chemical sprays with healthier options like Pet Grocer™ brand Defense Bug Spray or Kin & Kind Flea and Tick Repel. This blend of essential oils will keep mosquitos, ticks, and fleas at bay and it is great for the whole family. We also love the Tickless ultrasonic tag which is offered in both pet, adult, and kid versions. This product attaches to a collar (coat or bag for people) and uses a frequency that ticks hate, keeping them from wanting to stick around. Layered protection is a great way to keep everyone in your family safe. Check out our Biting Bugs Be Gone kit to get our best bug products and Save!

3. First Aid

Being prepared for scrapes, bumps, and bites will help get everyone back to having fun outdoors. Along with a stash of band-aids you will want to keep some of our favourite first aid options on standby:

  • Leucillen  antiseptic spray - Perfect for cleaning wounds. This spray has no alcohol and won't sting. It also makes a great hand sanitizer. 
  • Adored Beast YourGo2 - A homeopathic remedy consisting of Aconite & Arnica, YourGo2 will be your best friend. Use in cases of shock, stress, bruising, pain, and more!
  • Adored Beast Owies & Oopsies - A topical herbal tincture blended to soothe and calm rashes, bites, and more! 
  • Tick Key Tick Remover - The BEST way to remove a tick that has latched on. Removes the tick completely without pinching the body and makes removing the WHOLE Tick simple.

4. Hydration & Poop Clean Up

Staying hydrated is important for everyone especially when the temperatures are climbing or if you switch to feeding freeze dry or baked foods while traveling.

The Lap-It-Up Bottle easily attaches to a bag or belt and is perfect for water on the move. This special design fits in your car cup holder and doesn't waste water your pet leaves behind; it easily returns any left over water back into the bottle. 

While out enjoying Mother Nature you want to make sure to leave your space better than you found it. Earth Rated Poop Bags and compostable Pawsitive Solutions Poop Bags make clean up simple and earth friendly. These strong, degradable bags will keep your hands clean and contain the poop until you can get to a trash receptacle. They even come in lavender civilized.

5. Treats & Toys

Treats, toys, and chews can make it fun for everyone and give your dog some focused down time. 

For your convenience we created an at-a-glance list of recommended camping supplies from Pet Grocer™. Click on the image to download a copy.


Pet Grocer has lots of great products to make your travels easy. Have a question or need assistance?

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