Why Red Dog Blue Kat is at the Top of Their Game

“Making Fresh Pet Food Is Our Business, Helping Animals Thrive Is Our Passion.”  -RDBK

If you ask any Pet Grocer™ Staff which of our brands is highest in quality and manufacturing, we will likely tell you that all of our brands are pretty great (and they ARE!), but there is one that stands out from the pack - Red Dog Blue Kat and there are so many incredible reasons why.

Pet Grocer™ loves the RDBK mission & vision because it is so much like our own. RDBK was founded by people that wanted to create recipes that support the belief that their pets deserved better. Using real food, whole ingredients, handcrafted with love and care. And when it comes to food safety, manufacturing quality, and sustainability RDBK has a score that is off the charts!! All their products are manufactured under the highest food safety standards in their HAACP certified plant. We are talking Human Food Industry manufacturing here! This Canadian company is top of their class and here is why:

Ethical Ingredients

RDBK carefully and specifically selects suppliers that share their values, commitment to excellence, and dedication to animal welfare. They use select whole food ingredients based on current research, nutritional content, species appropriateness, sustainability and other health considerations.

Sourcing humanely raised animal meat and wild caught fish, RDBK firmly maintain the belief that animals raised in humane, peaceful conditions are healthier and will not contain stress hormones that could be passed on to your pet.

All the vegetables used in the Foundations Meals are certified organic. They believe that organic farming practices and the food they produce are healthier for our pets and for the environment.

High Quality Standards

RDBK is dedicated to leading the movement for higher industry-wide standards in transparency, safety, quality control standards, and sustainability within pet food manufacturing.

A healthy diet is more than a collection of nutrients – it starts with whole, high quality ingredients. This includes how the food is combined and processed. RDBK believes this is also the key for defining measurable food quality standards for commercial food products. The key focus RDBK believes are essential to understanding and measuring the quality of food products are food safety, quality ingredients, quality process, and quality formulation. Learn more about RDBK Quality Standards HERE

Expert Advice

Food is a powerful and acknowledged means of preventing disease and illness. RDBK works with veterinarians and other industry leaders to bring current evidence-based, scientific information into their operation and to pet owners. Research and education is a big deal at RDBK and they are happy to share it with their community. If you are curious about the science & experts behind raw learn more HERE

Meet the Maker of RDBK

We were super excited to interview Inna Shekhtman, CEO & Top Dog at RDBK, on Get Fresh with Jenn at Pet Grocer™, the Official Pet Grocer™ podcast. Jenn & Inna discuss the beginnings of RDBK and how RDBK has raised the bar in the fresh food industry. Listen Here

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Pet Grocer regularly carries both the Foundations Meals and Every Day Raw Meals. These great recipes offer options for single ingredients, rotation, balanced meals, and economy. We are also happy to special order if your choice is not in stock - please contact us so we can help!

Red Dog Blue Kat Raw Foods for Dogs

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