Furbabies - Oral Drops - Cordyceps Mushroom
Furbabies - Oral Drops - Cordyceps Mushroom
Furbabies - Oral Drops - Cordyceps Mushroom

Furbabies - Oral Drops - Cordyceps Mushroom

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From the Manufacturer:

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOMS (Cordyceps Militaris)

Vitality / Respiratory / Kidneys

These tinctures are extracted in house by using only the highest quality full fruiting mushroom body. Extracted using a proprietary method that removes the medicinal properties from the plant matter and is alcohol free. As research has shown mushrooms interact in the body better when combined with a fat, they extract all tinctures into MCT C8 (coconut) oil.

Cordyceps mushrooms are also known as Caterpillar Mushrooms. Why? Because some varieties grow on caterpillars! Cordyceps mushrooms are known to possess great cancer fighting abilities by allowing the body to regenerate the growth of white blood cells, which can slow many tumour growths. All the mushrooms are full fruiting body only with no mycelium or fillers.

Cordyceps can also help other diseases such as

  • kidney disease

  • respiratory issues

  • coughs (including kennel cough and bronchitis)

  • anxiety

  • reduce cholesterol

  • boosting immune system

  • helps give your pet energy and strength

  • purifies the kidneys

  • detoxifies the blood by balancing blood sugar levels

Easy to administer just follow dosage guidelines and place on a spoon or plate for them to lick, or on top of food or treats.

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