Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish
Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish
Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish
Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish
Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish

Smack - Dog Food - Raw Dehydrated - Rockin Rockfish

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Each bag of Smack Prairie Harvest Pork Dehydrated Dog Food is filled with tasty morsels of dehydrated food that contain high-quality, all-natural ingredients that dogs of any breed and life stage can eat. Smack dehydrates their food using low-temperature, air drying methods which ensures nutrient preservation. The first ingredient is real pork (bones & organs in) that is Canadian-sourced and has not been treated with antibiotics, drugs, or added hormones. A combination of other wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, kale, apple, celery and fresh herbs, work together with the pork to provide the best of all of the nutrients your pup needs.

Smack formulas strive to keep things as natural and beneficial as possible, so they've kept their formulas grain-free and gluten-free. This way, you can avoid some of the major food allergies and sensitivities and make sure your dog isn't getting any unnecessary fillers. This means they can get the full benefits: increased joint mobility and muscle recovery, proper digestion of protein, full absorption of vitamins and minerals, prevention of some cancers, reduced inflammation, and regulation of blood sugar levels.

Yet another benefit is that it's simple to feed. You can serve this food to your dog in crunchy dry form or add some water or goat milk, let it soak, and then serve. 

Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food is an ultra premium, fish based food for your cute canine. The first two ingredients in this recipe are wild caught rockfish, and wild caught herring. A tasty mix of certified organic wholefoods are added to this recipe, including pumpkin, mango, spinach, turmeric, and more. Your dog will love this fishy flavoured feast!

Smack Rockin Rockfish Dehydrated Raw Dog Food is very gently processed, so it retains vitamins and nutrients from its raw form. As a result, no synthetic vitamin mixes are added, unlike most pet foods.  Available in a 210g or 2.5 kg bag.

One of the finest quality dog foods in the world
Proudly made in Canada with certified organic ingredients
Made entirely from natural, whole foods
Does not contain any synthetic ingredients
Dehydrated raw food makes feeding raw meats hassle free
A versatile way to boost your pet’s nutrition

Only the highest quality ingredients. Every recipe is carefully composed to support your dog with:

  • Improved Vitality
  • Improved Digestion
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Improved Skin and Softer, Shinier Coat
  • Cleaner Teeth and Better Breath

Recipe Breakdown

70% Wild Pacific Rockfish & Wild Pacific Herring (Both Bone-in & Organs)
30% Organic Fruits and Vegetables


Rockfish, Herring, Pumpkin*, Coconut Flour*, Spinach*, Mango*, Apple*, Parsley*, Pineapple*, Turmeric*, Tocopherols*.

*Indicates Certified Organic , Indicates Wild

Wild rockfish & herring are bone-in and whole, including beneficial organs

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