Wedderspoon - Manuka Honey - K Factor 16
Wedderspoon - Manuka Honey - K Factor 16
Wedderspoon - Manuka Honey - K Factor 16

Wedderspoon - Manuka Honey - K Factor 16

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Useful for eating (people and pets enjoy this honey), and frequently used as a topical healing agent. Honey never goes bad, it is anti bacterial and anti fungal, and is well known for it's ability to heal. Enjoy on toast, in your tea, in your baked goods and on your cuts and scrapes. Your pets will love a small taste of it as a treat now and again and it helps to heal and granulate cuts and scrapes and surgical sites quickly.

Manuka Honey! Unpasteurized, raw and delicious, free of antibiotics / pesticides / glyphosate, naturally Gluten-Free, AIP and Paleo friendly, Kosher Certified, and Non-GMO Project Verified!

Wedderspoon manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand’s islands. Manuka Honey is produced using a raw creaming process to maintain all of the naturally-occurring beneficial wellness properties inherent in this unique functional food. Wedderspoon takes pride in harvesting, packaging, and labelling all of their Manuka Honey in New Zealand to ensure they are meeting the highest standards for quality and authenticity. 

Available in various sizes, including a small to-go pack size, suitable if you'd like to try a small bit for healing purposes before buying a large jar.

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Amazing service ♡ Just starting going here instead of our normal pet grocery store and couldn't be more happy with how great the staff is and Their selection of natural foods are amazing!! I have a new pet grocery store with better service and am definitely happier 😁


Such an amazing place to have in town. The staff are super friendly and helpful. They have made shopping for raw food for my cats a very easy and convenient experience. Thank you all!


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